It began with the piano. I wanted to play. But my father said “no”. My family often moved and a piano was the last thing he wanted. But he gave me an accordion. 

And I hated the sound.
But continued to love music. 

I grow up in a Lithuania occupied by Soviet Union. The free worlds music was not easy to found, but classic music was allowed even in the USSR, so classic music was what I grow up with. I heard it every day, it influenced me and it influenced my art too.   

When I didn't had opportunity to express myself in music, I translated the music principles - rhythm, tone, balance, contrast and harmony - into my art
And so I continue.
Today I can say that classic music and Paul Valéry aesthetics influents me most of all.
I am not interesting in social art, and never was. Art is a just an aesthetic for me.
And today I am seeking balance between sculpture and graphic.